Conversational Architecture Visual Expression language

Hello. We're currently developing the first iteration of CAVE, the Conversational Architecture Visual Expression language.

The goal of CAVE is to allow product development teams describe contextual applications.

We believe that natural language conversations are the best foundational metaphor to articulate the functionality of contextual applications.

Request For Comments

We are pleased to announce the release of our initial Request For Comments document. Please check it out, and pass it around to your peers.

The source for this website is hosted on Github. Please file issues against the specification and send us pull requests...

...or send us an email at


Request for Comments (Version 0.8.1)

The Request for Comments (RFC) document is the initial specification for CAVE.

Symbol Reference (Version 0.8.1)

The Symbol Reference is a catalog of graphic symbols used in the CAVE language.

Who's Working On This?

Loren Davie

Loren is the founder and CEO of Axilent. Axilent makes ACE, the Adaptive Context Engine. ACE makes it easy to target content to users based on their context. He's also on Twitter as @LorenDavie.

Jared Caponi

Jared is a User Experience professional, and the founder of Exploded Map. He's on Twitter as @Jaredac.

Creative Commons License
CAVE Language by is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License.