Conversational Architecture Visual Expression language

Hello. Welcome to CAVE, the Conversational Architecture Visual Expression language.

The goal of CAVE is to facilitate the description of contextual applicationsWe believe that natural language conversations are the best foundational metaphor to articulate the functionality of contextual applications.

A snippet of CAVE language.


What are contextual applications?

A contextual application responds dynamically to user context.  It takes into account things like the user's current circumstances, their personality, and what it infers as their goals.  Using this context it can respond appropriately in real time. Modern examples are voice-activated agents such as Siri, Cortana and Google Now, dynamically personalized web sites such as, and smart devices such as the Nest thermostat.

What is Conversational Architecture?

Conversational Architecture is an idea that holds that the best way to describe contextual applications is by the metaphor of the natural language conversation, such as one that would occur between two people.  In a conversation, one conversant dynamically infers the context of the other conversant, and modifies their response in real time, taking into account factors such as the other person's personality, their interests, their goals, their mood and the environment in which the conversation takes place.

What is CAVE Language?

CAVE (Conversational Architecture Visual Expression) language is a presentation/whiteboard/napkin-friendly visual design language that facilitates contextual applications using the principles of Conversational Architecture.  It describes user context, and how it is inferred, and in turn describes dynamic modal response to that context. It does this in a way that can be simple or sophisticated, and by people with different professional backgrounds.

Getting Started

1. Start with What Is CAVE Language, and Why Does It Exist?

2. Then have a look at the current Language Specification.

3. Sign up for the Mailing List so you can keep up with CAVE Language's development.


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