These are the people who have contributed to CAVE Language.

  • Jared Caponi

    Twitter: jaredac

    Jared has been working on professionally digital projects since 1996. After 12 years working as a senior project manager and executive producer, he founded Exploded Map, a consultancy focused on digital product strategy, information architecture and user experience design.

  • Loren Davie

    Twitter: LorenDavie

    Loren is the founder of CAVE Language. He is a creative technology professional with 20 years of industry experience. As a leader, a manager, a developer, and a thinker, Loren has made tech organizations more effective while leveraging technology for competitive advantage.

  • Rafa Torres

    Twitter: RafaTorres

    Rafa has, in the past 10 years, evolved from software engineer to UX designer. Now he has fun doing what he loves, designing amazing products and services in NYC for the world. His motto: The smaller the interface, the better the challenge.

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