Pick Up Milk

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In this scenario, the user's "smart fridge" at home is able to detect that they are almost out of milk, or that the milk is expired. When the person passes near the store, their phone alerts them to pick up milk from the store.

Referenced Symbols

Icon Symbol Description

A required circumstance that has been met. Often used as part of the outcome of an inference.

Causal Connector

A causal connector indicates that the source symbol is the cause or the origin of the target symbol. Causal connectors are the main operators in actors, wherein the modal response on the right is triggered by the context on the left.


A required circumstance. Can be used to indicate requirements in whatever context is appropriate.


Specific content that should included in the modal response.


A collection of data.


A physical device, capable of data collection or distribution. Often (but not always) a device is also intrinsically a sensor.

Inference Connector

An inference connector indicates that the target symbol may be inferred from the origin symbol. Inference connectors are the main operators in inferences, where the context elements on the right are inferred from the data on the left.

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