Flash Sale

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In this diagram, a user is identified as a price sensitive "Value Shopper" persona. When the store has overstocked products that are also identified to be of interest to the Value Shopper, a flash sale is activated for that user. In the flash sale, a discount is offered in an exciting tone.

Referenced Symbols

Icon Symbol Description

Something that is liked, or is of interest to the user.

Causal Connector

A causal connector indicates that the source symbol is the cause or the origin of the target symbol. Causal connectors are the main operators in actors, wherein the modal response on the right is triggered by the context on the left.


A required circumstance. Can be used to indicate requirements in whatever context is appropriate.

Content Policy

Describes a policy for the selection or creation of content that should be included in the response.


A collection of data.

Data Source

An origin for data that is external to the application being described. Usually shown producing data.


A feature-set that should be activated when this mode is active.

General Container

A General container represents a grouping of elements. Whether the elements are optional or mandatory may be inferred by the context of the container in the diagram.

Inference Connector

An inference connector indicates that the target symbol may be inferred from the origin symbol. Inference connectors are the main operators in inferences, where the context elements on the right are inferred from the data on the left.


A facet of the user’s personality. Personas generally are stable: once established as being associated with a user, they are unlikely to change.


Describes the the manner (often the emotional timbre) of the application in this mode.

User Input

A special kind of data that has been explicitly created by a user. Unlike other kinds of data, User Input often has a tautological association with context (e.g. A user has the goal of opening a file, because they have explicitly said they want to open the file), so as a result it is differentiated from general data.

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