Morville Alexa Scenario

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Diagrams to address a scenario originally posted by Peter Morville of Semantic Studios in his blog, and then addressed by Loren Davie in his blog.

In the scenario, Morville asks Alexa to play a song that he likes. Alexa doesn't have enough context to know which song he means so it conducts a follow up interview with him to build sufficient context. The next time Morville asks, Alexa can rely on previously cached context to select the correct song.

Referenced Symbols

Icon Symbol Description

Something that is liked, or is of interest to the user.

Associative Connector

An associative connector indicates an association between symbols.

Causal Connector

A causal connector indicates that the source symbol is the cause or the origin of the target symbol. Causal connectors are the main operators in actors, wherein the modal response on the right is triggered by the context on the left.


A required circumstance. Can be used to indicate requirements in whatever context is appropriate.

Content Policy

Describes a policy for the selection or creation of content that should be included in the response.


The circumstances under which the interaction with the user occurs.


A user goal: something the user is attempting to accomplish.

Inference Connector

An inference connector indicates that the target symbol may be inferred from the origin symbol. Inference connectors are the main operators in inferences, where the context elements on the right are inferred from the data on the left.


An interview represents the system asking the user for more information. It can represent a single question, or multiple questions that must be satisfied before the system can proceed.

Mandatory Container

A Mandatory container represents a set of elements where all of the elements described within must be present. Represents an explicit expression that the elements are mandatory.

User Input

A special kind of data that has been explicitly created by a user. Unlike other kinds of data, User Input often has a tautological association with context (e.g. A user has the goal of opening a file, because they have explicitly said they want to open the file), so as a result it is differentiated from general data.

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