This is the repository of CAVE Language diagrams. Click on any diagram to see it, access a downloadable PDF, and see which symbols have been referenced by it.

  • An Ethical System for A Self Driving Car

    This diagram describes a system of ethics for a self-driving car (actually for the autonomous system that drives the car - conceivable a system could be shared amongst multiple vehicles.)

    The first page shows the relationship of the Worldview to the driving system and the vehicle. It also shows when the ethics system comes into play: when the car is in danger of crashing.

    The second page shows the precedence of empathy and principles that comprise the worldview. Empathy for the family is the most important thing, following is the principle of minimizing damage to human life, followed by minimizing vehicular damage, and finally followed by the directive of obeying the driver.

    The last page shows how empathy is built between the driving system and the family.

  • Flash Sale

    In this diagram, a user is identified as a price sensitive "Value Shopper" persona. When the store has overstocked products that are also identified to be of interest to the Value Shopper, a flash sale is activated for that user. In the flash sale, a discount is offered in an exciting tone.

  • Get To The Point

    In this scenario, the way content is presented to a user changes depending on where they are, and their reading habits. If the system notices that they abandon articles periodically, and they are at home, it will show the full version of articles. However if the user is in transit, on a commuter train, only the abridged version of articles will be shown.

  • Morville Alexa Scenario

    Diagrams to address a scenario originally posted by Peter Morville of Semantic Studios in his blog, and then addressed by Loren Davie in his blog.

    In the scenario, Morville asks Alexa to play a song that he likes. Alexa doesn't have enough context to know which song he means so it conducts a follow up interview with him to build sufficient context. The next time Morville asks, Alexa can rely on previously cached context to select the correct song.

  • Pick Up Milk

    In this scenario, the user's "smart fridge" at home is able to detect that they are almost out of milk, or that the milk is expired. When the person passes near the store, their phone alerts them to pick up milk from the store.

  • Recipe Reader

    This is a diagram for an Alexa skill that reads a recipe to the user. Once the recipe has been selected, it reads each step to the user, moving to the next step when the user says "Next".

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